Best Happy Birthday Dad Quotes From Daughter

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MY Dad,a role model so much to learn and yet so little time from a man who leads a life so fine.Thank you for all the patient listening and that has always left me glistening.Dad, iam sending gratitude and love your way on a day that cannot get more solemn than your birthday warm birthday wishes dear dad.With you, dad,am always at peace you are my soul and the ultimate heavenly gift to me  dad.Dad your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. Let my cool and groovy birthday quotes bring a lots of happiness and smile to your face.

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  • Dad, you were there for me from
    the day I was born, always having
    my best interests in mind. You
    are one of the most important people
    in my life and I love you with my
    whole heart.
     Happy birthday, Dad!
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  •  Another great year of having
    the greatest papa in the world
    to spend time with.
      Happy birthday, Dad!

  •  Dad, happy birthday!
    You've always been an
    amazing father. Now,
    I'm glad to say, you're
    an even more amazing friend. 
Happy Birthday quotes for sister
  •  Wishing you a very healthy,
    incredibly happy and entirely
    peaceful birthday, Dad!

  •  Another year has gone by
    and with each year that passes
    I am reminded how lucky I am to
    have you in my life. Thank you
    for being there for me, dad.
  •  Even when I was a stinker,
    you always loved me hook,
    line and sinker.
     Happy birthday, Dad!
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  •  Ι believe Ι wouldn’t Βe the same withοut you.
    Yοu are an Αmazing person and Ι love you sο much!
    Happy Βirthday Dad! 
Birthday quotes for MOM
  • My friends think yοu’re cool,
    the Neighbors think yοu’re cool,
    yοur colleagues think yοu’re cool
    and Most importantly, we think yοu
    are the cοοlest dad in Τhe whole world.
      Happy Βirthday Dad
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