Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends

15 Best Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes That Makes Your Wishes Memorable

Here we are with some unique  and latest collection of happy birthday quotes that makes you happy. 

Birthday is the most special day be grateful for another year that god gave you to live in this world and thank him for another mission that he gave to you to solve. So let's make this a memorable  occasion in every single way and we will be there to help you ensure it's a wonderful day. Here we provide some of the best twinkling smiley birthday quotes with amazing visuals. You can share it and forward it to your loved one's and friends.

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  •   Happy Birthday
      Best Friend
    A little crazy,
     A lot Funny
    A little Nutty,
     A lot Brainy
    A little Tangy,
     A lot Loving
    That's my Best Friend,
     Most Interestingly!!!
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  •   Happy Birthday
     to the best friend I ever had
     Let's celebrate this special day
      of your life and party like
       there's no tomorrow.
  •  warm,friendly,loving
          and kind...
       you are a true Aquarian
         in every way!!
          have a very
       Happy Birthday!!  
  • as my best friend,you are...
  • Make the most of your special day and
    let those around you
    show how much they
    cherish and love you.
    you deserve it!
     Happy Birthday
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  • “Happy Birthday to my best-est
    friend ever! May your troubles
    be as few and far between as
     my grandmother’s teeth!”
  • “Birthdays come with lots of
    surprises, but I bet none of the
    surprises you get today would
    ever turn out as special as me!
    Wish you many many happy
     returns of the day!”

Birthday quotes wishes for your best friend

Here are the birthday wishes quotes that you are actually looking for on your friends or relatives birthday. Your loved ones would definitely feel so much happy if you wish them with these quotes produced here. Select one of the best birthday wish from here and wish your friend as soon as possible on the birthday. Don't delay in wishing the birthday guy as the birthday boy or girl will definitely give a special place for the people who wish them first on their birthday.

Funny Birthday Quotes Which Make Your Friends Laugh Out Loud

Here we offer you an extraordinary collection of birthday quotes which make your friends laugh out loud. These are the funny birthday quotes for friends which will be never forgotten by them. Wishing with these funny wishes on the birthday will make you stand special among the others who wished on their birthday. You can take this opportunity to impress them by your satirical and funny birthday wishes. These should also be unique because no gets laugh if they here it for the second time. So be careful while selecting the funny wishes and here we have provided some of them.

Happy Birthday SMS for your best friend

 A birthday is an occasion where we celebrate it with lots of fun because you are born on this day. Everyone wants to put a smile on this most important day of the year. Its another year for you back for a great future behind with lots of great thoughts and a lot of hopes. Your birthday quotes which makes your friend laugh out loud. With your single line of birthday message  makes them happy and feels something special about you. Spend sometime in these hilarious birthday wishes and select the most appropriate and unique one.

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Funny Birthday Quotes Which Make Your Friend Laugh Out Loud

  • What a lovely day it is,
    Because you were born this day,
    Hey, let me tell you this,
    You deserve the best in life,
    And you will find your own way
    So, wish you an amazing day!
    Happy birthday!
  • Light Jaanay K Baad Moombatti He
    Jalaai Thi Toilet Mein..!!
    Koi Phoonk Maar Kay Keh Gaya.
    "Happy Birthday 2 u"

  •  B-be yourself.
    I-Invite new challenges
    R-recall pas triumphs.
    T-trust ur instincts
    D-desire only the best
    A-affirm ur strength.
    Y-u're got what i takes!!!
  • Best Birthday gifts on 18th birthday
  •  Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
    from Lovely Friend
    For a Lovely Reason
    at a Lovely Time
    from a Lovely Mind
    in a Lovely Mood
    in a Lovely Style
    to wish you
    Have a Lovely "Birthday"
  •  My Birthday gift for u is..
     A whole lotta love...
    To wish you a day that's
     as special as you are!!
    Happy Birthday!
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  •  By teaching me math,
    you didn't just teach me
    how to add numbers
    but also
    how to add value to my life.

Top 10 Happy Birthday Wishes SMS In Marathi Language

Happy Birthday SMS Marathi

Have a look at the exclusive birthday wishes sms in Marathi. Here we are providing the delightful and glorious lovely happy birthday in Marathi sms in a lovely style for your lovely friend. Expressing the wishes in the mother tongue is always a special for anyone and if you can wish in marathi language on the birthday, surely your loved ones will be impressed by your birthday wishe sin marathi. The smile and the nice impression that you get on your friends face will be the most happiest moment for you too. In this website you can check all funny quotes and inspirational quotes to wish also. Check out all the marathi birthday sms and select the most unique happy birthday sms in marathi.

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Happy Birthday wishes SMS in Marathi

You can present a surprise on your friends birthday by forwarding your lovely Happy birthday marathi  sms which brings  smile is their face, happiness in the air, spark in their eyes. By this twinkling happy birthday sms in marathi language  you can express your feelings with amazing visuals and with cute quotes. And this is the easiest way to get a nice feeling on you. Here weare providing happy birthday in marathi sms so that you can forward your loved one's and so that you can recall past triumphs.


Happy Birthday Wishes SMS In Marathi Language

  •  दिवस ते उन्हाळ्याचे होते,
    उन्हाळ्यातला महिना तो एप्रिलचा होता,
    एप्रिलची ती सात तारीख होती,
    त्या दिवशी माझा वाढदिवस होता,
    त्या दिवशी माझा वाढदिवस होता
  •  सोनेरी सूर्याची
    सोनेरी किरणे
    सोनेरी किरणांचा
    सोनेरी दिवस
    सोनेरी दिवसाच्या
    सोनेरी शुभेच्चा
    सोन्यासारख्या लोकांना.
    Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day
  •  Kadhi Ragavlat Kadi Hasalat,
    Manatal Amchya Nehmi Olakhalat,
    Tumchya Manatla Dukh Kadi Na Samjun Dile,
    Pan Ayushyat Amahala Tumi Khup Sukh Dile.
    Happy Birthday To You…!
Funny Birthday quotes that makes you stomach burst
  •  Me Khup Baghyavan Ahe,
    Mala Bahin Milali,
    Majya Manatil Bhawana Samjanari,
    Mala Ek Sobati Milali,
    Pratek Jeevanat Tuch Mazi Bahin Asavis,
    Aajchyach Diwashi Mala Bahin Mhanun Tu Milali.
    Wishing You Happy Birthday
Birthday wishes quotes that are unique
  • काही माणसं स्वभावाने
    कशी का असेनात
    मनाने मात्र ती
    फार सच्ची आणि प्रामाणिक असतात..
    अशा माणसांपैकीच
    एक म्हणजेच तुम्ही!
    तुमच्याविषयी मनात असणारा स्नेह
    अगदी अतूट आणि
    जिव्हाळ्याचा आहे,तुम्हाला वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दीक शुभेच्छा !
Birthday quotes for MOM
  •  Jeevanat Aalo Tujya Mule,
    Prem Milale Tujya Mule,
    Mayechya Pankhat Vadhalo Tujya Mule,
    Aaj Je Kahi Ahe Tujyamule.
    Tula Vadhdiwasachya Shubechcha..!
    Happy Birthday
Birthday wishes quotes for Dad
  • "नवा गंद नवा आनंद
    निर्माण करीत प्रत्येक क्षण यावा
    व नव्या सुखांनी, नव्या वैभवांनी
    आनंद शतगुणित व्हावा.
    ह्याच तुम्हांला वाढदिवसानिमित्त हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!!.....
Birthday quotes for sister
  • Jeevanat Aalo Tujya Mule,
    Prem Milale Tujya Mule,
    Mayechya Pankhat Vadhalo Tujya Mule,
    Aaj Je Kahi Ahe Tujyamule.
    Tula Vadhdiwasachya Shubechcha..!
    Happy Birthday

Top 10 Birthday quotes for Best Friends with pictures

Birthday Wishes with pictures

Here we are giving you the terrific birthday wishes with stunning images to wish your loved ones on their birthday. Wishing on their birthday with just words is an old trend, everyone wants something new and unique. The birthday guys will be impressed if you wish them in a different way on their birthday. So, along with birthday wish share a beautiful picture which has some flowers or candle or whatever interests you. In this way you can wish your friends with these beautiful birthday pictures with quotes.

Funny Happy Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friends

These are the best happy birthday wishes with which you can wish your best friends on their birthday and can make their birthday a special one. You can get a lot of images related to birthday here. The images of birthday and the quotes associated with them can be used to share with your friends on their birthday.

Top 10 Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friends

Here in this website you can get the best stunning photos of the special occasion which is birthday. We provide thousands of  birthday quotes here with suitable birthday pictures. You can select the bets and unique birthday picture.

Birthday wishes ecards for special friends

happy birthday pictures and wallpapers

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for your beautiful Girlfriend



Best Birthday Gifts for your dear ones

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